IoT Services

Internet of Things (IoT) helps businesses function smarter, as well as gain control and insights into those aspects of the businesses which were grossly dependent on human intervention or manual data feeding.

During the times in the economy, where business cannot afford to remain traditional, and cannot have high operational cost and thin margins, it is imperative to become smarter than competition, precise in your offerings to your clients and be ahead in the game. IoT technology helps you achieve just that.

If your decisions making in business facing problems due to wrong data inputs, missing crucial notifications or high level of manual operations or any machines which can be automated then it is time, you need to find out - How can IoT help in your business?

Shweta Kulkarni Senior Research Associate, Prayas (Energy Group)

At Prayas(Energy Group) we are working on an IoT based residential electricity consumption monitoring initiative. We approached Webassic to provide us a solution to manage, maintain and process all the data received from these monitors in a timely manner. We believe our requirements in type of data collected and the processing were unique, yet the team at Webassic could provide us with a good solution to handle the large data and process it. The solution provided by webassic helped us move away from a worksheet based approach and allow multiple people to use and access the system in an easy and error freeway. Apart from data management, Webassic team also put together a very good website which helps in viewing the data. The data collected through the initiative needed to be made available to in the public domain in an easy to understand format. The website developed by Webassic team used very good visualizations which helped in achieving this objective.