QuickDeploy - Crew Deployment Software

Implement Business Process Automation in Crew Deployment Workflow for various heavy engineering industries such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Shipping etc.

QuickDeploy is a Crew Deployment Software that helps in each aspect of Crew Mobilization like Automation in Rotation Management, Hitch Cycle and Timeline Tracking System, CRM, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Work Visa Travel Planning. Your client would also get a Dashboard view to know the Real-time status of the Crew Deployment Process.



Deploy More, Deploy Faster

Deploy More, Deploy Faster- QuickDeploy enables you to deploy more crew members at a faster speed and improve the Business Revenues.


Automate Complex Workflows

QuickDeploy can Automate Complex Crew Mobilization Workflows, VISA Workflows, gives Timely Notifications, reduce Human Errors and avoid unwanted Penalties.


Better Client & Crew Engagement

Gain Your Client's confidence by providing them their respective Dashboards to track real-time progress of their assignments. Also get a dedicated Crew Mobile application.

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