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First Use of Speadsheet

When the business is in its early stages of growth, you want to get organized with your business data and chances are you would start using Spreadsheets as a default standard. It is indeed a good move and at that stage the best suitable software to cater to your initial start-up like needs.

Complex Spreadsheet

Business starts to grow you keep adding some new parameters/cells into your spreadsheets or even add new sheets in the same file. Now there more than 5 people using the same spreadsheet. You are somehow able to manage the business workflow and data on the spreadsheet but you start to face some small challenges like –

  • Not able to keep track who changed what
  • Human errors
  • Cannot implement different Access Conttol
  • Unable to implement smart data validations
Complex Spreadsheet

Manage Spreadsheet

However, despite all these challenges, you still keep using spreadsheet, although to overcome above challenges your team needs to spend a few unproductive hours during the week.

Spreadsheet Problems

Business grows further and volume of data increases along with a few more team members using the same spreadsheet. At this stage you start facing bigger challenges…

  • Difficult to put business rules on data
  • Cannot get important notifications
  • Un-manageable scrolling
  • Cannot get complete view of data
  • Lot of the data but not useful information
  • Cannot implement approval work-flow
  • Cannot share partial data with customers
  • Report generation becomes a challenge
  • Backup of the data is a challenge and so on…
Spreadsheet Problems

Alternate to Spreadsheet

These unmanageable Spreadsheet problems are an indication that you need to move away from your spreadsheet and look out for a clever software solutions. This solution can help you get rid of the spreadsheet and smoothly transition your team to a dependable system which is scalable, smart and sophisticated in handling your business workflow and data.

Spreadsheet Alternate Tracker

We have a #SpreadsheetChallengeSEND US your spreadsheet with dummy data and we will convert into a smart solution and show-case you as a proof-of-concept. Go ahead and connect with us today!


Unmanageable Spreadsheet to Interactive Tracker

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