Digital Transformation

Today’s Small and Medium Businesses are facing totally new sets of challenges. The bottom lines and top lines are struggling, the challenges are more global in nature. You need to be smarter than your competition and need to take steps which are forward looking.

A few decades ago, if you had a good product, a reasonably appealing marketing strategy and some capital then your chances of success were quite high. Those were low hanging fruits if we may say.

Today, you have different challenges and to reach the fruits of success you really need to climb at the top of the tree. In many ways the challenges are unconventional and unfair to human capabilities alone and thus it is imperative that business must adopt technology and automation!

Unconventional challenges of today’s business -

We help you to leverage the power of cutting edge technology to identify crucial areas of business processes and automate them and help you digitally transform your organization to make it ready to fly!

Vikram Singha CTO, GET Global Group

GET deploys 5000+ oilfield crew in several countries and various onsite projects for clients. With the growth in projects, we needed a system to manage the sourcing, evaluation, mobilization, deployment & service quality of crew. The compounding issue was that typically client field requirements, prioritization and scheduling changes on a very frequent basis, which led to mistakes and higher opportunity costs. Webassic designed an elegant software solution that helped us efficiently manage this process. The solution is extensible and scalable, so that as our projects have grown and become more complicated, the system has grown with us. It is the heart of our operations and functions as the single version of truth for our geographically distributed organization. The net outcome is that we can consistently deliver the right person, at the right time to the right place, at the right cost. We continue to work with the Webassic team to enhance this solution, and appreciate their innovative ideas to make it better.