Recruit Right Case Study

Business Overview

Recruit Right was founded by a technologist and entrepreneur who spent years trying to figure out how to balance a recruiter’s need to have enough "candidates" and the need to find "jobs" for candidates the recruiter already had. If a company is willing to put in more work and wants to hire the best but they can’t find suitable candidates by their own networks they realized that crowd recruiting can become a great resource for you as it can connect freelancers, agency recruiters, and hiring managers in one place. Webassic IT Solutions worked with Recruit Right for over a year to come up with the technical architecture and build a SaaS-based platform that could crowd source both candidates and jobs from thousands of recruiters as needed. Complex algorithms were developed so that the system could help improve a recruiter’s success and recommend the best candidates for the best jobs at the right place and time.

Product Features

  • Worldwide Recruiter Network
  • Allows recruiter to crowd source candidates from other recruiters around the World so that filling job orders is no longer dependent on the availability of candidates from a small team of recruiters.
  • Post an unlimited number of jobs for free
  • Recruiters / Employers can take advantage of free job postings to get instant exposure to millions of quality job seekers.
  • Track the entire process online
  • Quickly and easily track where each candidate is in the hiring process and keep tab on high priority tasks.
  • Best Candidate for your job
  • With a worldwide audience from over 40 countries, freelance and agency recruiters can find the best candidates for their jobs.
  • Paperless billing and credit card payments
  • All payments are processed through PayPal which allows for both credit and debit card transactions.
  • Complete control over your recruiting partners
  • After you post a job you can instantly see which recruiters are actively working on your job, where each candidate is in the pipeline, and which ones need follow-up.
  • Invite recruiters or post to the open crowd recruiting network
  • Once a job is posted you can request candidates from your own private recruiting networks or from the larger public crowd recruiting network. Invite candidates which best fit your requirements.
  • Received Qualified Candidates
  • No single recruiting firm has a monopoly on the best talent so why limit yourself to only one recruiting firm. You can connect with a global network of experienced recruiters and candidates via the online marketplace.
  • Accept or reject recruiters you aren't comfortable working with
  • After your company has reviewed proposals one can accept or reject the proposal according to the resume or history of the candidate. The system also recognizes providers who verify their credentials and have consistently good track records.

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