Everything is created twice. First
in the mind and then in reality.

Robin S Sharma

Spreadsheet Blues

­Your weekly meeting is lined up and you want to update project status to higher management. And the agenda of the meeting is - Cut down the ...

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7 Ideas For Engaging And Retaining Talent In Oil And Gas Industry

­"Before wining in the marketplace, you need to win the workplace...

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Salary Negotiations In Recruitement Process

Recruiter might find themselves in the middle of a never ending battle field to recruit a right candidate for the job. Recruitment is a deadly difficult task to recruit...

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Recruitment Is Marketing

In ideal world of economics recruitment & marketing technically are two different fields. In a real sense, an ideal world is an imaginary concept. Today tackling hu...

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5 Effective Tips For Working With Remote Developer

Effective way of working with remote web developer begins with actually selecting the best web developer, once that is done then the next ste...

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These 6 Tips Will Reduce Your IT Development Cost

You can do quite a lot of things to reduce the software development efforts. Thus, you are not just at the mercy of the software developer’s knowledge to decide o...

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