Everything is created twice. First
in the mind and then in reality.

Robin S Sharma

Legacy System Vs ERP

­Since the inception of Enterprise resource planning it has been boon to industry and helping in doing multiple ...

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Operational Efficiency

Manufacturing firms are improving their operational efficiency with the help of customized Software Solutions. Major use of such kind of application is to gai...

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Benefits Of Custom ERP

In todays era of ever-growing technology there is multiple advancement that has opened various opportunities for the individua...

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Real & Immediate Needs Of Digital Transformation In Oil And Gas Industry Report

-An Impression by Webassic IT Solutions

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Spreadsheet Blues

­Your weekly meeting is lined up and you want to update project status to higher management. And the agenda of the meeting is - Cut down the ...

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7 Ideas For Engaging And Retaining Talent In Oil And Gas Industry

­"Before wining in the marketplace, you need to win the workplace...

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