Legacy System Vs ERP

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Legacy System Vs ERP

­Since the inception of Enterprise resource planning it has been boon to industry and helping in doing multiple tasks that earlier needed much longer time. ERP now  has grown to a level where AI is being introduced to make ease functionality of business operations. Capabilities of ERP are well beyond our understanding and making real impact in the business that are operated by reducing time, effort and in mean time its is also improving efficiency of the process. Many companies operating with ERP solutions have seen and observing tremendous change in the way the business is being operated. While large organizations are opting for ERP, tailored application and CRM service, we see many SME’s are still on the using legacy old ways to manage their operations, this leads to a lot of time being invested in carrying out multiple day to day operations. Legacy systems had their best time when the cloud technology and connected applications were still in progress, but with today’s advancement the technology has grown and is working tremendously and today’s business need connected application that cater to the need that the business are facing today. 

What difference does it actually make in taking care of your process? Its fast, easy to use, inter connected application which means one suite for entire organization and has real time access to data, which as compared to legacy system which is time consuming, lack real time data, need to run through different sheets and many more.

Why do your business needs to shift from legacy system to modern and advance ERP solutions that are available.

  • Advantage over competition: As we have seen from industrial revolution companies that adopted machines and modern tools moved ahead as compared to the companies that were still relying on human force to do tasks. Adopting to machines gave them speed and increase in production. Same is the case with Modern ERP and cloud based application which are fast, real time, one system for whole organization.
  • Security: Unlike legacy system that needs servers to be maintained, modern solutions can be hosted on cloud and can easily adapt to need that is required, plus to top that off they are way more reliable in terms of security of data. All the data stored is encrypted and users have individual logins to the system so only required fields can be viewed by them. 
  • High growth and unlimited scalability:  When we speak about being future ready we also mean to say that these applications are ready to work in any condition and always ready to grow with your business needs be it, need more space on the servers, need more logins and need to integrate with any other application in future, this all is possible with the tech that it is built on. 
  • Budget friendly: Modern systems are very economical for the organization as it requires only single time payment and one product covers all the department which allows them to save a lot and not to purchase different system for HR, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory management etc. 
  • Future Ready: ERP’s are developed in such a manner that they are ready for and allows management to take the first towards digitalization.  These modern system requires less maintenance cost and are easily accessible from  any device using login.

If your business is looking forward towards digitalization as one of the key indicators for the growth you can start small with ERP and cloud based application that are customized for you, this customization scope allows you to get ahead of the competition and also makes the application very user acceptance. Incase if you are looking forward to discuss and get more on how to get things done and what approach is to be taken please feel free to connect with us.