Recruitment Is Marketing

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Recruitment is Marketing

In ideal world of economics recruitment & marketing technically are two different fields. In a real sense, an ideal world is an imaginary concept. Today tackling human resources out there in the market is more difficult than previous years. The question arises, why?  The answer to the question is very simple - recruitment has now turned into Talent Acquisition. In a survey done in the USA, it says only 13% of employees are satisfied with their job. The others eligible candidates can choose to leave for a better job, which suits them.

Here is when Marketing comes into the picture with recruitment. Every company nowadays is on a hunt of the best talent for their company. In such a scenario the right talent is in the demand than the company itself. In the current corporate world, candidates have full access to the social media network, which gives information about their ideal company. Thus the picture of recruitment turns into RM or recruitment marketing. This job for the companies is done by recruitment firms, who build different marketing strategies for hiring people.

Today, The eligible candidates are ready to wait for the right job, which suits them. This is the reason why these new terms have arrived in the corporate world such as “work culture; work ethics; workplace” all these were never even thought about in the past. Time has changed, companies are branding themselves as the best Employer in the industry.
This is the reason why today’s recruitment firms needs to market their products/jobs. There are companies that make such software with the help of which, you can have the edge over the other recruitment firms. These recruitment software allows the recruitment firm to find out - what should be the ideal salary according to the experience, education, location and the additional skill that an employee possesses.

One such software is - Salary Survey Software  This software covers all major aspects of the recruitment like recruitment advertising on all major platforms, content management, a live survey of the salary of candidates, employers directory, powerful job board. It has decent Salary Data Analytical reports, which gives you insight about the Job Market.

Every aspect of the software is designed to scrutinize the job profile according to the candidate. In this manner as a recruitment firm, you can better monitor and develop your marketing strategy which will be better than your traditional competitors.

Apart from recruitment firms, the software can also be used by the educational intuitions to increase their placement performance of students. This will automatically increase the number of students enrolling in the institute. In fact, the intuition can market them self to the users of the Salary Survey Software. Potential candidates keep coming to you’re the Salary Survey Software to know what is their real Salary worth and thus you can keep attracting candidates, this can get you an edge over your competitors by marketing right job to the right candidate and close more job positions in minimum turn-around.