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Operate your own Specialized Salary Survey Website. You can now, have your own, real time salary comparison website for your specific industry, providing accurate salary and benefit data 24/7/365. Salary data is obtained directly from respondents and published anonymously and instantly. Our Salary Survey Software is more than just a salary comparison tool! With its integrated job board, our platform also enables site operators to generate advertising revenue and attract passive candidates.

This is ideally suited to specialist recruitment agencies, job boards operators and specialized educational institutes, our software can be rapidly deployed onto your choice of web domain and it can immediately start adding value to your business.

Establish authority in your specialized industry vertical by operating a specialized salary survey software in your business and attract thousands of candidates into your database, thus you can map the right candidate to the right job and close your open job positions faster than your competitors.

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We helped our Clients to Fly, Read what they say...

"I needed a software development partner for a major project in Salary Surveys, I knew this would be a relatively long and challenging project and I needed to work with someone who not only had the necessary resources, skills and knowledge to build the product, but also the determination to persevere and see the project through, all the while maintaining quality. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Webassic IT Solutions. Their architects guided me from day one on system architecture options and development frameworks but ultimately allowed me to decide which path we would take. This consultative approach continued throughout the project and I never felt like we were taking short cuts or simply opting for the easiest route."
James Squires Founder, My Salary Survey
"we are watch-maker and know nothing about Web Technology. we needed to develop a Cloud based CRM system for business and was trying to find the best developer who could understand our needs and deliver the results, but it was getting too complicated with loads of quotations and deciding a perfect developer got much difficult task than anticipated.But Webassic team's straight forward approach made it very easy and we found perfect development team to develop our CRM in a way which can be scaled to our new expanded business. I highly recommend this eBook for anyone who wants to develop a cloud based system."
Nozer Pundole Director, C T Pundole
"GET deploys 5000+ oilfield crew in several countries and various onsite projects for clients. With the growth in projects, we needed a system to manage the sourcing, evaluation, mobilization, deployment & service quality of crew. The compounding issue was that typically client field requirements, prioritization and scheduling changes on a very frequent basis, which led to mistakes and higher opportunity costs. Webassic designed an elegant software solution that helped us efficiently manage this process. The solution is extensible and scalable, so that as our projects have grown and become more complicated, the system has grown with us. It is the heart of our operations and functions as the single version of truth for our geographically distributed organization. The net outcome is that we can consistently deliver the right person, at the right time to the right place, at the right cost. We continue to work with the Webassic team to enhance this solution, and appreciate their innovative ideas to make it better."
Vikram Singha CTO, GET Global Group
"At Prayas(Energy Group) we are working on an IoT based residential electricity consumption monitoring initiative. We approached Webassic to provide us a solution to manage, maintain and process all the data received from these monitors in a timely manner. We believe our requirements in type of data collected and the processing were unique, yet the team at Webassic could provide us with a good solution to handle the large data and process it. The solution provided by webassic helped us move away from a worksheet based approach and allow multiple people to use and access the system in an easy and error freeway. Apart from data management, Webassic team also put together a very good website which helps in viewing the data. The data collected through the initiative needed to be made available to in the public domain in an easy to understand format. The website developed by Webassic team used very good visualizations which helped in achieving this objective."
Shweta Kulkarni Senior Research Associate, Prayas (Energy Group)
"Over the last several months Webassic IT Solutions designed and built a web-based inventory database. During the project I worked very closely with their team and they delivered on time and in budget. The team went above and beyond to complete the work and solved technical issues along the way. Even in some peripheral configurations where the team had little experience in, they did their homework to deliver a working outcome. I would hire Webassic IT Solutions in a heartbeat again, you can trust their knowledge and experience and great collaboration. What stood out for me was that they were not afraid to propose a better solution and there was never any doubt about the work status."
Myles Bruggeling Founder, Supplier's Portal
Webassic IT Solutions has done 2 thing very well...
a. I could find the best suitable and reliable development partner.
b. It continues to save my development cost even today.
Daan van Luipen Founder,